Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Manoranjan creates and produces performance, moving image and heritage projects – using modern interpretations – to reflect contemporary British Asian culture.

Our Mission

Manoranjan will give audiences opportunities to experience performance, heritage, and to participate in projects inspired and informed by the stories and artistic traditions of South Asia.

Manjoranjan will collaborate with a broad range of arts and heritage organisations to present high quality performance, participation and heritage projects.

Manoranjan will collaborate with community venues such as spaces for faith, well-being, libraries, and places of learning.

Manjoranjan will work in both urban and rural settings to support community cohesion.

Manoranjan will support the development of performers and associated creative roles through training and mentoring support.

Our Values

we are truthful in the art that we make and in our relations with people.

we are intrepid in our art – both in our work on stage and in our participatory projects.

we inspire trust from partner venues and community spaces, and from people who work with us in participatory settings.

we seek partners, drawn from the creative, voluntary, educational and statutory sectors, who share our values.

we are passionate about the work we make and seek to work to the very highest level of quality.

we want to give audiences and participants a space to enjoy themselves

we champion diversity across art forms and programmes, within our board, staff, partners, audiences, participants bringing people together locally, regionally, nationally.

Ideas which are original, imaginative and innovative

We strive for excellence in all that we do and achieve

I was privileged to work with Rushi and Ria Munshi as they prepared to launch Manoranjan during the summer and autumn of 2020. My role was to work with them to capture their ideas for the development of the new company and to formulate these into a coherent business plan for 2021-23.

I found that the directors of Manoranjan CIC were very clear about their aspirations and that this clarity of purpose was highly ambitious creatively, yet cloaked in a pragmatic realism. Manoranjan has a strong ethos of supporting artists, creating opportunity and making new work within backed by a thorough knowledge of its artistic heritage. The company is ready to develop its legacy from Ri Ri’s Dance Academy and become a major player on the Bollywood scene and beyond. This is a very exciting new company.

David Dolan Martin